Friday, September 2, 2011

My turn...

Yes, Pam and I have discussed ways to improve education by validating, supporting, and encouraging teachers as they impact all students. Often students with exceptional learning needs (ELN, gifted to identified disabilities) are placed in the general education environment; this impacts EVERYONE! The vast majority of general educators were not required to take coursework in their teacher preparation program to educate all children; they were instructed how to teach to "the middle", the average student.

Just what is the average student? I do not think I have ever met one. Just talk to parents, you will discover that each child has some unique quality and need about them that truly is not addressed in "the middle" where most of our educators are trained to teach.

Additionally, many general education teachers do not view students with ELN as their responsibility, they "belong" to the teacher down the hall in the resource room. This is likely out of fear, inexperience, and lack of knowledge and support rather than the teacher not wanting to work with the students. Our goal is to provide teachers with the knowledge and skill set to step out of their average student comfort zones and initiate real changes in their daily teaching.

It’s a Great Day!

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