Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Respect, we need it to achieve ~!

In the September 2011 issue of Educational Leadership, Marie Nathalie Beaudoin states: “Teachers who are stressed, unhappy, and unsupported by their peers are more inclined to treat their students with disrespect.” (p. 40) An educator’s feelings of inclusion or isolation are reflected in his treatment of students.

Some teachers use a designated lunch period to connect with others – often these center around unproductive comments about students, administrators, or other ills of school life. This has a 2-pronged effect:
  1) a teacher either participates to be 1 of the ‘gang’ and harbors negativity – stress, unhappiness
              2) a teacher removes himself from the situation and becomes isolated – stress, unhappiness
Either way, it’s a no-win situation. So, what does a teacher need to feel respected? 

If the teacher is respected, valued and supported, his students will be also.

Schools need to implement a culture of appreciation and support. Teachers need to learn from one another, seek out assistance, try new techniques, expand current practices and be actively engaged in pedagogy.
Administrators need to develop a current focus/topic for discussion for all staff members. Something as simple as a school-wide email sent with an ‘idea of the day’ or ‘quote of the day’ to get people talking to one another. 

Professional Learning Communities can be initiated – either by grade level, academic content area, experience level, related arts, specialists, interest areas….. There may be a group of people who are interested in Marzano’s High Yield Teaching Strategies. Get people talking about, thinking about, inquiring with others – applying it to their classrooms. Teachers will be empowered and feel respected and appreciated.

When teachers are respected by other teachers, relationships form – respected by administrators, relationships form – and teachers respect students. Only then will students achieve.

So, in this day how do we form PLCs without adding another hour to the day? Hmmmmmm….

It’s a Great Day!

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