Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inclusion First Steps

Ask the Related Arts teachers how many inservice trainings actually apply to them.  Probably, the answer is “almost none.” Then ask them about inclusion.  Chances are you’ll find that when students with disabilities are first included in a general education setting, they start in Art, Music, or Physical Education, where the curricular demands may be considered by many to be less stringent or challenging.
Related Arts teachers often have novel and creative ways to minimize a child’s disability and build on her strengths.  They are good at making changes on the fly to include everyone in the activity.  We could learn a lot about inclusion from them.  But research shows that we rarely seek out their expertise.
This group of staff has unique learning needs.  That’s why PLC Consultants developed an online learning community just for them.  Not only can they showcase what works, they can ask questions and learn about the ins and outs of Special Education and how it affects them directly.  They can get plugged in to the latest changes in Special Education, learn about policies and procedures for identification and support, and connect with experts.
Take a look at how this module can meet the needs of this group of uniquely qualified teachers.

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