Monday, April 16, 2012

Watch this Space

Those of us in education, and in Special Education specifically, are faced with several realities:
·        Schools are under intense pressure and scrutiny to provide appropriate services to students with disabilities.
·        Parents of children with disabilities are taking a more active and vocal role in their children’s education than ever before.
·        Technology has changed, and will continue to evolve, in the ways we educate students with disabilities.
·        In political, educational, and policy-making circles, inclusion is desired and expected, regardless of the cost, challenges, or resistance by others.
Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce how creating an online learning community within a building, district, or across districts can address some of these realities.  We already know that online learning is often the preferred format for adult learners who want more control of their "leisure" time.  And the interpersonal, collaborative relationships forged through an online community can facilitate real, incremental change that positively supports all learners, regardless of ability of disability.

So join me in the next few weeks as we highlight what PLC Consultants does best: support educators in their desire to improve learner outcomes for all.

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